Education in Oklahoma

Among all the presidential crap was a State Question on education that did not pass. The education bill for Oklahoma was one that I supported initially until I did more research. I’m sickened by the state of Oklahoma’s public school funding and the fact that we will continue to lose great teachers and underpay those that stay; that our aid programs are suffering and that our quality of education is the worst in the nation. However, only 39% of that money would have gone to public schools and teacher salary. The rest would have gone towards higher education and overhead. I’m glad it didn’t pass – our teachers and education system deserve MORE than what that bill had to offer. Had it passed this time, that would have been the end of improvement for our schools. Hopefully something better is in store, because the fact that we are bringing up the next generation without the benefit that a great public education brings is deplorable. Despite the fact that our president, whom I respect and admire immensely, was the figurehead for the bill, I stand by the fact that this education bill would not have been what was best for our state and for the kids. Education is the means by which we will break the poverty cycle, teach kids about their similarities and differences, create curiosity, and empower them to do big things. Let’s do more for schools.

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