The State of the Globe

Recently, Scott Pruitt was chosen as the nominee heading up the EPA. I hope anyone reading this can grasp the ridiculousness of this choice, but hey, since Donald Trump says climate change isn’t real, then it obviously isn’t real people. He is the president-elect, after all, and don’t they know everything?

Apparently not. Reading the news this morning, I saw a piece written on the retreat of the polar bears from the coasts of Alaska to a further inland village called Katovik. Thousands of people will come to see them – up to 80 bears lurking around the town at a time – perhaps unaware of the real reason they are there. The bears are seeking refuge in Katovik, as the receding sea ice in the Arctic is what normally houses them and helps them hunt for sea lions. In November, the levels of the sea ice in the Arctic was the lowest it’s ever been, and it’s no secret that the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe. It’s idiotic to pretend that the presence of the polar bears amongst people is not a glaring warning sign about the state of the globe. That the normally reclusive species is now present on land, eating whale carcass wastes and seeming to get smaller and smaller as a whole, is a clear indicator that things are not right in our environment. And although it is the whole world that needs to make a change towards protecting our climate (and our polar bears), it is our country that stands out as one particularly unable to do what is necessary to preserve the earth.

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